Monday, July 26, 2010

Where does summer go?

My grandma pointed out yesterday that this is the last week of July. Although I had some vague recollection of the date, I had not realized that summer was almost over. Yes, that is a little dramatic and a touch of an overstatement, but it always seems like summer goes so fast. Here I thought I would wait till August to start thinking about fall quarter, feeling in my bones that it was light years away...but no...just five days from now and I should be writing a syllabus and emailing professors about my upcoming exams. Where did summer go?

Ben and I still have a few trips planned (i.e. Vegas with Jordan and Garth Brooks, and a week long trip to the beaches of South Carolina), but camp (aka my summer job) is half way over, and my school procrastination is knocking at the front door. I sometimes miss the summers of youth that were not filled with obligations, but only one vacation, and hours and hours of riding bikes, eating ice cream, and waiting for school to start again with new clothes and a clean pencil holder. Yes, I was a little dorky and liked school, and apparently still am, but as a kid, it seemed like summer dragged on and school was a welcome relief. Come September I might feel that way too since fall is my favorite time of year (as seen here), but right now I am dreaming of a long last week of July....and thoughts of fun summers past:

In Disneyland

On the water (sorry girls, I look pretty sweet myself)

Backpacking with friends (Herb & Ben)

At the beach

Rolling around town

Happy summer everyone. Enjoy!

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