Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Back on the Wagon

...and on the blog too.

I'm not going to lie. After New York, I fell off the wagon. And not so much as just fell and left, but was dragged along behind it for a while. Since November, my running has been sporadic...3 times a week, no running for two weeks, etc. But now I'm ready to get back on.

The problem is that for penance for getting off, you have to earn your way back on. Forget flashing your "I ran a marathon four months ago ticket"...it's expired. Why? Because when you take 4 months off of anything, you lose it.

So currently I'm pushing, at times pulling the wagon, and it sucks. The miles are tough, my breathing labored, and the little voice inside my head is going: you did this to yourself sucker! And to be honest...I'm slightly afraid that I might bail again.

To counter this, I need inspiration--more inspiration than tight pants (which is starting to happen). Tight pants do not make me eat less cheese....I can't, it's too good...nor do they stop me from eating so many Zours that my tongue bleeds...so I need to exercise.

No, my inspiration lies in accomplishment; from both myself and others. My own inspiration is now signed up for the Rock n' Roll 1/2 marathon in June, and the Seattle to Portland bike ride in July. I'm also toying with the idea of running the full Portland marathon...we'll see. Until then, I will strive for my goals, and look to the lovely people around me for additional inspiration. What kind you ask? Well...

The inspiration that comes from seeing your mom brush off the running shoes and getting out there 5-6 days a week (sometimes twice); from your grandma taking daily hour long walks; from watching you husband suffer through excruciating pain to cross the finish line; from watching your best friend challenge herself to do something that was never her strongest area (way to conquer Lake Union Katie!); from watching Becky become a dolphin, and punish her first triathlon; from having friends who will sign up for races with you on a whim (thank you Sara); from friends who continuously will sign-up with you for numerous events and push push push you to be faster, but still eat nachos afterwards (Miss Allen); from watching former 'non' runners pick up the sport and become certified runners (minus the certificate--nice job Sara G.); from having your twin call and say she was inspired to finish a 1/2 marathon before turning 30; and many many more (Kelsey, et. al.).

Of course, inspiration comes from non-running/athletic achievements, and any time any of you put yourselves out there and do something that takes effort and determination, you are an inspiration to me.

Tally Ho!