Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Final Countdown...

Ben and I landed bright and early yesterday morning feeling a little delirious from not sleeping for 24 hours (as a side note, I think I am an anomaly b/c even Ambien does not work for me when flying on a plane). Yesterday was spent walking around the city, getting our race stuff at the expo, taking a 3 hour nap, eating lots, and spotting our first celebrity (America Ferrera). We are now getting ready and going to head out to Central Park.

Today will be spent walking around some more, going up the Empire State Building, and lots of other fun touristy things. Tonight we will crave pumpkins, carbo load, and go to bed early with what I anticipate will be a bunch of nerves. Ben thinks he is getting a blister, I am kicking myself for not bringing better walking shoes, and Annabelle swears next time she is going to wrap herself in bubble wrap....

I think we're ready.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Famous? Oh Yeah.

Here is part of my 15 seconds of fame:

Monday, October 26, 2009

Follow us on Race Day

So if you want...not that you will...but just in case (mainly this is for my mom) can track us on race day and see how we are doing. Just sign-up at: and then add us as your runners to watch!

Inspiration Sent by Grace

Grace sent Ben and I this card today:
I literally almost did what this card said not to do, from laughing so hard. 

Thank you my friend. Thank you.

Four More Days

Okay, so the marathon is technically in 7 days, but we leave in 4 days....excited? I can barely contain myself. I am still paranoid of all of the germ carriers on campus, and will keep Purrel stock up until we get back. Then as of Therese's recommendation I will relax a little, so I don't create the next super-bacteria that wears a cape and laughs at your pitiful trying to stay healthy precautions.

Other areas of concern? Not hurting myself, which is easier said then done. Yesterday I was walking on a sidewalk maintaining an inner dialogue that went something like: "Angela, you should really wear better footwear. Your Ugg boots are slightly too big, and you need to make sure you don't do something stupid like roll your ankle. Okay foot in front of the other." As I was having this conversation to myself, my ankle literally rolled off the sidewalk and gave me a heart attack. 

But I am loving the taper mode, which basically forces me not to run long distances (very helpful with trying to manage time). The training is complete and all I have left to do is finish my school work, pack my bag, and pick a mantra that will push me through the wall. I am open for suggestions.