Friday, December 23, 2011

And so it begins again...

So long Seattle, hello Oregon
(after a road trip to Las Vegas--no pics)
So I realized I miss blogging. It seems that I have had the most to write about this year, however have apparently channeled that creative force into other areas. I am going to start again, however feel that a photo recap of this year is a good start to the actual writing.

So in order, here are the highlights of the year (at least the ones I have photos of):

St. Louis

We added to our family: Meet Abby.
Jack Robert
Phoenix Aurora

Miles Jeffrey

Our new home
Oona Cassini
Sean & Ashley
Chad & Nicole
Mark & Katie

Becky & Sean


Ben finally got to roast a pig
 (Missing are pictures from the Portland Marathon with Annabelle...we finished!)
The start of Christmas

Thanksgiving 2011

Ben and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and an upcoming year full of new adventures.
More to come soon!