Friday, March 13, 2009

An Uprising in the Northwest

Something is brewing in the northwest. Something, that if it doesn't change quickly, will lead to an uprising—at least in Seattle. We're not asking for much, but people are definitely starting to wig out a little bit. What we need? Spring.

At first I thought it was just me. My first annoyance was when it snowed last March. I love the snow. It's pretty, magical, blah blah, but not in March. December? yes. January or February? yes. March? no. Then the sun came out, and things started to bloom. Although the sun is lovely, I'm not sure why things are blooming when it is 24 degrees in the morning. Look at the wonderful sunshine, and don't forget to sprinkle ice deterrent on the steps, because they're slippery. Why? Because it froze last night. And today? High of 38...sweet. It's like we're in North Dakota.

Now, I'm not complaining about the sun, but I would like to stop wearing a hat, scarf, mittens and 14 layers to school each day. And I realize I'm not the only one. The Roanoake Bar and & Grill has two words printed on their outside board. Not the weekend game or happy hour specials, just two words: SPRING NOW. 

Today it did reach a balmy 50, and there were two groups of people that celebrated this tropical temperature. People, like myself, who still realize it's freaking cold and appropriately wear a jacket and hat, and the others...the ones who are at their breaking point and the thought of anything over 50 is considered summerlike. Normally they wait till after spring break to pretend that they're warm in still winter weather, but today they proudly (and coldly) sported tank tops, flip flops, capri pants, left their jackets at home (wished they hadn't) and sat outside. 

If it doesn't get warm soon, I'm going to just have to pretend with them...but seriously if mother nature doesn't throw us some 60's soon...all bets are off, and she'll see what us northwesterner's are really like.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009