Friday, July 30, 2010

A Case of the Thursdays.

Every Thursday, things start to change in sports camp. The kids are used to each other, tired of each other, tired in general, and a little bit over the whole thing. We call it "a case of the Thursdays." Crying because it's not our turn to get on the swing yet? Case of the Thursdays. Do not want to participate in any game...EVEN when it's the one they specifically chose to play? Case of the Thursdays. Etc.

The truth is that us counselors get a case of the Thursdays also because we are also used to the kids, tired in general, and a little bit over the whole thing. Yet, yesterday there was a bright spot that made it all better. I pretty sure I won't be able to describe it accurately, but it was one of the cutest things I had seen in a long time.

The all sports camp was playing a game of Pig Pen, where basically the kids hide and try not to get spotted by the kids designated as Farmers. If they are spotted they go to the Pig Pen until they are rescued by another...well...pig I guess. Hmmm....this game all of a sudden doesn't seem politically correct. Whatever.

Well, one of my favorite campers ever (Nicholas) who is about two feet tall, with an ear to ear smile and freckles, decides to curl himself in a ball in the open field. His tactic basically is "if I can't see you, OBVIOUSLY you can't see me." It might have been a case of the Thursdays, but I laughed until I almost cried. How cute is that? Other kids are hiding in bushes, running like banshees away from everyone, and Nicholas just decides to be a rock in the field....and the best part? It worked.

Thursdays are hard, but I'll take a case of the Nicholas Thursdays any day.

Happy Friday!

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terri said...

too cute! I love all the articles and the pictures, keep them coming! Love you, mom xoxoxoxo