Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The way we roll.

Last night Ben and I went to Serious Pie. The pizza is delicious, and "serious" is a good way to describe it--they don't mess around. The best part of the whole meal (besides the pie) was the look on our waiter's face at the end of our pizza:

Waiter: May I take away your pizza slab?

Us: Of course.

Waiter: You guys want to see a dessert menu?

Us: Ummm...actually we would like another pizza.

Waiter: (confused)...oh. Do you know what you want?

And we finished that one too.

When he came back again, we joked that we wanted a third pizza, and he laughed saying it's been done before. Although "it's been done before" his look betrayed him a little bit. I think he was worried we were serious...just like the pizza. I love training for marathons. Yumm.


Jordan said...

mmm sounds so good!!!! What kind of pizza did you get? And did you try another kind for the second go-around?

Angela said...

First time: Buffalo Mozzarella
Second time: Fennel sausage and cherry bomb peppers. Yumm and yumm. :)