Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Yesterday my husband pulled out the big guns....well maybe the big legs. Dan Z. is in town (who is also running NYC) so we thought we'd all go out for our long run together. Having played some fun-filled games of volleyball this weekend (after taking 10 years off from the sport) I woke Sunday morning to no working muscles in my legs. It literally felt like my quads had been removed (imagine peg leg walk with a lot of wobble). Three ice packs, a billion ibuprofen later, and a good night sleep, and we were ready to hit the pavement Monday morning. 

Overall the run went well. 9.5 miles of nice conversation, blistering heat (it's hot here), a third running partner which is nice to mix things up and push us to running our best (way to go Dan on his longest run ever!), and me lagging in the back on the hills, but finishing strong with everyone.

The real point of my post is that Ben did awesome. Ben typically hits his stride during our long runs, but after working this third 60+ hour 6-day week, being on his feet all day, going to sleep late, plus training during the week, he pulled out the big guns and set the pace, ran ahead when we needed to go single file, and was an inspiration to me. Way to go Ben.

95 days till the marathon....

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