Monday, April 13, 2009

My two things

Today it dawned on me what items I can't live without: floss and deodorant. Now granted, there are many items that would make life easier, and I'm sure that someone could list something that might alter my list, but as of right now, those are my two essentials. Why? The first is because I would rather pull my own tooth out with a rusty piece of hardware than have something stuck in my teeth. Case in point: after having a lovely lunch with my friend Sara last week I noticed that something was in my teeth. You couldn't see it, but it felt like a grizzly bear was in my mouth trying to pull my teeth a part. Not being able to get it out myself, or having a rusty piece of hardware, I pulled into Target with screeching tires, zoomed down the floss aisle, ripped open the package and felt utter bliss. I gratefully paid my .97 cents, and all was right in the world again. Apparently I don't like having things caught in my I know.

Now deodorant. The problem with deodorant isn't that I stink (well not right now), but rather that I always forget to put it on....always. One would think that I would have a Costco closet of it lying around, but no, I have two: one in my bathroom, and the other in my gym locker. So if I forget to apply when I leave the house, I have to a) turn around; b) go down to the gym; c) suffer (any others too); or d) pull the floss fiasco and head to the store. I start swim classes tomorrow, which are inconveniently at a different gym than my deodorant, so I'm faced with having to bring my bathroom one, and risk leaving it. In truth, there should be deo in every purse and bag I own. When I leave it should be phone? check. wallet? check? betcha.

Anyways, it might be a silly thing to write about, but I feel better knowing what two things I need, and should be the first two things packed when I go somewhere. Any contributions from others are welcome.


becky said...

what do you need deodarant at the swimming pool for? you will soon learn that after an hour or so of swimming you will for the rest of the day smell like chlorine or worse... bromine (like my pool). and let's just say, if they like to use a heavy amount of this stuff and they probably do, you will smell like that for the rest of the day.. no matter if you have deodarant or if you scrub your body with astringent. and it's possible you might smell like that for the next day too. but to look on the bright side of it all... you won't smell bad, you'll just smell like a swimmer, and if you forget the deodarant there are far worse things in life to have forgotten it for... love, b

Jordan said...

Hah, that's funny. I have NEVER noticed you smelling, and I've been around you many a post-workout. I was NOT, however, surprised by the floss. If anyone would ask me what Ang can't live without, I would say floss without skipping a beat. You know floss is important to a girl when she can't go to bed, no matter how drunk, without flossing. I love that about you :)

And why is everyone swimming now? I totally feel like I need to join a gym with a pool so I can join the chlorine/bromine/deodorant conversation!