Thursday, August 28, 2008

One Thing Off the To-do List

After three days of waiting and 14 million credit, eviction, criminal and reference checks, including past, present and future landlords and employers, Ben and I were finally approved for an apartment in Seattle! Capitol Hill to be exact.

My grandparents made a good point that maybe it's a good thing they were so thorough, meaning that everyone who lives there should be top-notch, but still...3 days? The kicker was that we have to pay an extra $100 refundable deposit because Ben only has one housing reference, which makes no sense to me. If we can't pay the rent, what will that extra $100 do? O-well, the point is we got it! And to top it off?

Our landlord is a clown.


He dresses up in full get-up for events such as SeaFair or Bumbershoot. Thankfully he didn't show up in full costume when he showed us the place...that would have been too much, and honestly...a little scary.

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