Sunday, August 3, 2008

Husky Part Deux

The past couple of weeks have been filled with amazing friends and family, the most beautiful pregnant bellies in the whole world and lots of decision making. The biggest decision? It's time to become a Husky once again (not that you ever really stop). I finally made up my mind and will start school again this fall. Ben and I will pack up and head north come September, and although I am excited for our new adventure I am also sad.

I'm sad to leave Portland and will miss living with my sister and our lovely little apartment. I will miss my friends and being able to conveniently walk everywhere. I will miss weekly hot turkeys at Goose Hollow with Booie, and burger, movie, beer night at the Mission, but I know we will live in the great city of Portland with all our good friends someday again, which makes the decision a little easier.

With all of that sad, plus many more things not mentioned, I am excited to live close to my Seattle friends again, to go to Mariner games (hopefully next season will look more promising), to utilize the IMA, which I helped pay for its renovation my senior year at UW, and will be able to proudly sport my Jake Locker jersey without jeers from Oregon Duck or Beaver fans.

The move, starting school, looking for jobs, etc. will add to our already busy fall, meaning the wedding, but we are looking at it with excitement and possibility rather than stress and disappointment. If you haven't had a chance, here is the link to our wedding website: and one more things....go dawgs!

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