Saturday, April 26, 2008

Rome to Siena

The 4 days in Rome flew by as quickly as the city We did the touristy things: went in the Colosseum, threw our penny into the Trevi fountain, gazed at the Sistine Chapel, all the while trying not to be tourists. Rome is covered with them, in big groups, wearing matching scarves and taking pictures of everything...everything. Ben and I got up early every day to beat the crowds and managed to really enjoy ourselves. That is until we would leave (enter tourist destination) and be bombarded with people trying to sell us purses, sunglasses, belts, watches, pens, light up colosseums, etc. They were incredible. When it would start to rain, they would call in the Delta Team to replace the sunglass stands with umbrellas...every 10 feet, 3 euros...sorry to say no one is getting a green prada bag or gucci sunglasses. Even if I wanted one, after 4 days of being pestered, I wouldnt have been able to live with myself. We left Rome early yesterday to head north to the Tuscany area and make our next camp in Siena. Yesterday was a good example of how traveling isnt always glamorous. Long story short our first train was late, which caused us to miss our 2nd one, which left us at the train station for 3.5 hours. We arrived in Siena, took the bus to town...which was so crowded, without our big packs, I am sure we would have lost each other. Crowded why? Festival day in Siena...aka holiday. Few buses running, so back to the train bus to our villa...nice, but out in the middle of nowhere. No more buses running to town (festival), no open grocery stores (festival)...etc. We dined on Cornflakes and peanut butter last night, but had a good laugh. Today we woke up fresh, with a beautiful sun outside and our ready to eat lunch...a big lunch. Hope everyone is well. Love and miss you!


Jen said...

just in case you've had your fill of cornflakes, I went out and bought you a nice big box of life cereal for your return. don't get any unless you start posting some pics

lots of love and kisses


Anonymous said...

hi beautiful, what an adventure that was, glad you two keep your humor, it always helps! Hope you have a great stay and will be looking forward to pictures! Love you, miss you, HI BEN! always, mom xoxoxoxo

Jordan said...

Good thing there are only two of you, I can't imagine trying to keep a group of people all together on these adventures of yours! Love and miss you!

Anonymous said...

What? You didn't buy any squishy balls at the trevi fountain, then have the pushy men following you showing you everything you could make with it? Too bad. ~kate