Monday, April 7, 2008

Paris Part Deux

Paris is a happening place right now. Yesterday was the Paris marathon and Ben and I did a Louvre marathon in their honor (Ben's favorite?: Venus de Milo...Mine?: Winged Victory). We then toasted them by eating crepes (LCJ-nice call with the Nutella) and took a big nap. Today we went for a morning run and realized every police officer in Paris was at the Eiffel Tower. Obviously, by only getting to the internet once every few days and not having English speaking television), we are a little behind the times and didn't realize the Olympic torch was traveling through Paris today. Everyone can breathe a sigh of relief...Ben and I decided not to participate in the Tibetan protests and are safe...ready to eat more crepes...basically we're eating our way through Europe..yumm. Tomorrow is our last day in Paris and we're going to take a morning trip to Versailles and then be very Parisian and sit at a cafe the rest of the afternoon...well maybe not, but it's a nice thought. We'll then head south to Lyon, Avignon and Nice before making our way to Cinque Terre on the 15th. Au Revoir!


Jordan said...

Wow! Did you get to see the torch? That's pretty cool. Also, twin, I've been meaning to tell you--we've been recycling since you left our house :) Scott just takes it all to work and puts it in the bins there. We're hoping it'll make you come see us again soon! Love you guys, have FUN!!! in France!!!!!

terri said...

That must have been exciting yesterday. Have you guys mastered crepe making, will want to try them! Have fun your last day in paris!!!! I love and miss you, looking forward to your next adventure....hi to ben, love always, mom xoxoxoxoxoxxoxo