Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We´ve Officially Landed

Currently, Ben and I are sitting at our hotel trying to manage German keyboards (my favorite symbol is ö)...that´s right--we made it! However we almost were seriously delayed. Note to travellers, double check and triple check your itinerary. By a fluke I pulled ours out last night and noticied it had completely changed and we were departing at 7:15 a.m. into Dallas, vs. the óriginal 11:30 a.m. trip to Chicago. Everything ended up fine, except we arrived in Germany a little earlier than expected:6:10 a.m. We feel like we´ve been up for 2 days, and are trying with every effort to stay awake until early evening to beat the monstor that is jet lag. After a few hours walking around searching for the infamous German sausage (or rather a German shop selling saugages at 8:30 in the morning), and finally finding one underground, we are huddled in our warm hotel...did I mention it´s snowing? Yeah, it´s a blammy 33 degrees. So we´re going to drink lots of coffee now, and put an extra layer of clothes on...brrrr...but...yeah!


Anonymous said...

Angela, So glad to hear you're there! Keep warm, can't wait to hear of your adventures. Hi to Ben! I love you!!!! Mom xoxoxox

Jen said...

Yeah again- you made it!!!
lv - jen

Anonymous said...

i am anxiosly awaiting each new update! living vicariously through you two..... sounds like its already been an adventure and i cannot wait to hear more. pictures, please, lots of pictures!

love you,