Friday, December 17, 2010

The Aftermath

Hands down--busiest quarter ever. Yet, probably also the most fulfilling--it's funny how those two typically go together. Besides teaching my own course, and the two papers that were finished and submitted for publication consideration, the general exams took over my life. I turned them in yesterday with a few hours to spare, and although I typically feel anxious about turning in final projects, this time I just felt done. I walked off UW campus and felt overwhelming tired. Hopefully they went well, but I guess I won't know until January.

Until then, I have promised myself that I will not think about my answers--in fact, what is uncharacteristically weird, is that I have not thought about anything. It's like my mind has gone completely blank. Maybe it has just shutdown, in an effort to rebuild and reboot later on. What I am most happy about though, is the reclaiming of the house. Here is what the study table (or the dining room table) has looked like for a few months:

Although they cannot all go back to the library at once, the returning has already started. Bring on the Christmas movies and couch time!

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