Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Two Years.

At this time two years ago, I was walking down to get coffee for the crew coming in to set up for the reception (and by crew I mean lovely lovely friends and family). I cannot believe that Ben and I have now been married for two years. Since he has to work today we celebrated last night, first by watching the wedding video that Grace and Phil recorded (and I am eternally grateful to have a copy). We watched part of the ceremony, but basically skipped to the end to see the toasts, and comments from people at the reception. 

Ben and I both agreed that not only was that one of the most fun times of our lives, but that we wish we could live it over again, just to have the same group of people all in a room, having a good time. I am sure everyone remembers their own wedding the most fondly, but I just remember an atmosphere of joyfulness and celebration, of love and family, of laughter and dance.

At the rehearsal dinner
The past two years have been remarkable, set off by a wonderful night of our families and friends united together (and if I hadn't lost my laptop, I would include more pictures), and I am looking forward to the next 62. Oh, and thank you for the well wishes on the video....they are hilarious to say the least. And if you don't think you made an appearance...don't worry, you did.

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terri said...

What a beautiful wedding it was! The absolute best, FUNNEST wedding ever, my hips hurt for a week for all the dancing! Such a CUTE couple, love you, mom xoxoxoxoxo