Sunday, August 29, 2010

Straight out of a Pat Conroy Novel

We landed back in Seattle yesterday after spending a week in South Carolina. My images of the South are based off of what most of us rely on when we've never physically been somewhere: the media. The south to me, or at least the coastal south is full of moss covered trees and marshy beaches...basically how Pat Conroy has described it. And what a wonderful job he did. The real images matched my expectations. When asked what she might want from South Carolina Margaret joked that if I saw Mr. Conroy to grab a book and get an autograph, in which I replied I would grab two. Little to my knowledge that he lives on Fripp Island...and where did I spend 6 days last week? FRIPP ISLAND! No, I did not see him, but I thought it was a fun coincidence. Our trip was amazing, relaxing, and full of Ben's family who we hardly ever get to see. I'll post more pictures soon and tell some fun how there are alligators roaming around the island and on the golf course....scary. But until then here are some images of sweet South Carolina:

Off our back dock

By the boardwalk

Sunset off the dock

Gaye, Brian, and Ben
(It stormed this night as you can see from the clouds starting to form)

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