Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mr. Ben Knutsen-Phelps

Yesterday in swim class we did a time trial for the triathlon (1/2 mile swim). Now to me, swimming laps in a pool is like running on a treadmill. All I think about is wanting to stop, how much longer I have, and if I'm going to make it. After 100 yards, I seriously contemplated quitting and catching my breath (my quitter moment), but I pushed through the mental block and finished. As always in swim class, I finished last, but when I was done and she told me my time I felt like this: 

Then I joked with Ben all night that it was kind of like he was married to Michael Phelps...or more like his pinky toe. I stopped when Ben said it was creeping him out, even though I assured him Michael Phelps would probably be a fun partner to have around. The point is I was excited I high-fived the girl next to me. Granted I'm more like a turtle than Phelps, but to me it was a great accomplishment. Bring on Danskin. 

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