Friday, November 14, 2008


When thinking about this last weekend, a few words come to mind: amazing, incredible, magical, down right fun, and of course, whirlwind. Ben and I had the most amazing time getting married and celebrating with our closest friends and family--and what a great bunch they are, especially together. Our only wish was that we would have had more time to talk with everyone, to catch-up, hear what was happening in their lives and just soak the people we love, and rarely get to see, in. That is where the whirlwind part comes just goes so fast. 

Regardless, it was amazing and there will be much more to write about, but below are the "teasers" are wedding photographer sent...I can't wait for the rest, plus to see the photos and videos everyone else took.

Here are some more from Angela, the 2nd photographer:

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Jordan said...

oh wow twin! these are amazing!!!! can't wait to see the rest!!!! We had the most amazing time last weekend...can't wait to see you guys again! love you!