Wednesday, October 29, 2008

11 days...

11 days...and 45 billion things to do...

small things:
  • write vows...(oh wait, that goes under big things)
nevermind, i guess they're all big things...
  • create slideshow (fyi, the pictures of ben as a little boy are so cute it's ridiculous)
  • make 300 plus truffles for favor boxes
  • create music playlists for mingling and the dance party
  • get bridal party gifts
  • make sure the hair/make-up team, photographer, violinist, minister, etc. etc. etc. are all on the same page...not sure which page...maybe 84
  • order food, wine...
  • hope it doesn't freeze so there are still flowers at the farmer's market (not really a to-do, just a small dance to the rain god every night, about keeping it liquid, and not ice)
  • write thank-you's to...well...everyone...(this is actually very relaxing...i know i'm kind of sick)
  • and what was "GC"? i wrote it on my to-do list and now don't know what it was...urgh
  • keep family in check...i swear you never know the lovely intricacies of your family until it's wedding time.
  • and just a few more things...
not planning the wedding...and not stressed...just a little overwhelmed that there isn't enough time in the day....maybe i should stop blogging...okay...bye.

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Anonymous said...

hi beautiful, just wondering what intricacies of your family you could possibly mean, ha! 7 more days, can't wait!!! Love ya, mom xoxoxox